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Sacramental Connection with Everything

June 21, 2017

Sacramental Connection with Everything


Instutions, individuals, land, community

April 25, 2017

Institutions, individuals, communication


December 20, 2016

Challenged to clarify the bottom line of my Christian belief rather than sit on the fence critically listing what I don’t believe, I came up with this.


When is prayer real?

May 9, 2013

“If you want to pray,” wrote Evagrius of Pontus more than 16 centuries ago, “you need God, who gives prayer.”
Prayer is understood as the inner content of a real, mutual relationship between a person or group and the Infinite Other. So merely labeling a text or activity as prayer does not mean it is any such thing. It may be as removed from true communion as masturbation from lovemaking; perhaps harmless and pleasant but not engaged in any movement toward ultimate truth and wholeness.
(From “With our feet on the ground,” by Boyd Wilson, 2012)

Easter learning from cats

April 14, 2013

Just when we think we’ve got you sussed
as we wander our garden in sedate self-comfort
you jump out at us from
behind the least likely bushes
yelling “Yo! Get a life!”

I’ve lived with cats like that all my life,
with mutual enjoyment
both comfort and disruption,
and never owned one.

Another thing about cats:
they purr and rub
on laps I wouldn’t
be seen dead on.

From “With our Feet on the Ground,” meditations, poems, Psalm reflections and essay, by Boyd Wilson (paperback from the author and on-line stores e.g.

February 13, 2010

"With our feet on the ground" (click on page at right)


Hello world!

February 12, 2010

ReconciliationHi. I’m Boyd Wilson, former agricultural journalist and rural (Anglican) parish priest, now exploring detached spirituality in Auckland after the wonderful space and light of Central Otago, New Zealand. This is a static site, not a blog. To download from a wide selection of my writing click from the pages menu.

Boyd Wilson

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